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Base creams in dermatology and cosmetics

Skin care, skin protection and dermatics with regard to DMS-base creams are the topics of the following overview. Furthermore you will find information about the main constituent  phosphatidylcholine als well as membrane containing  skin care like liposomes and nanoparticles. Free of water and similar to the base creams are special oleogels, which are applied for skincare by persons suffering from a certain weakness of connective tissue.

Base creams are used for the prevention and treatments of skin problems
Preventive skin care is supported by individually adaptable base creams as well as DMS-based preparations. For the treatment of acute skin problems the pharmacist may add pharmaceutically active substances to the appropriate base creams (magistral prescription).
Examples for the skin care of problem skin Acne, greasy skin:DMS Basiscreme High Classic in...
Derma membrane structure (DMS) - the base for individual skin care, skin protection and dermatics
Base creams are universally used for the preparation of dermatics as well as for cosmetics. Their special benefit is the ability to be adapted to the individual skin (skin care) or to skin problems. Modern base creams are chemically and physically similar to the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier.
DMS-base creams are recommended for skin care, skin protection and for dermatological use. The...
DMS-base creams are integral skin care products
DMS contains water, triglycerides (from coconut oil, olives, shea butter), phytosterols (from shea butter), moisturizer (e.g. glycerol), phosphatidylcholine (from soybean lecithin), squalane (from olives) and ceramides (from yeast).
Base creams DMS base cream Classic for normal to greasy skin DMS base cream High Classic for...
DMS-base creams are used for preventive skin protection
The number of occupational dermatoses is constantly increasing, though security aspects at the workplace regarding the substances used have been improved considerably. As a result, preventive skin protection and an effective skin care is becoming the focal point of interest.
Employees at risk Employees working in damp and humid environment are particularly susceptible for...
Liposomes have membranes like living cells
The membrane of liposomes consist of bilayers which are physically similar to the bilayers of the stratum corneum (horny layer) of human skin.
Liposomes are typical vehicles, which are able to encapsulate water soluble dermatological and...
Modern oleogels contain high amounts of emollients without feeling greasy
Oleogels are oils which are adjusted to a gel like consistency. Depending on their composition oleogels with phosphatidylcholine differ from transparent to white colour. 
Remarkable features of modern oleogels are:Water resistanceCarrier of active agentsAdhesivenessSkin...
Nanoparticles are very active ingredients of cosmetics and dermatics
Nanoparticles transport lipid soluble active agents into the skin.
DescriptionNanoparticles are spherical bodies which are covered with a monolayer of...
Phosphatidylcholine is active agent and carrier for actives in one and used for dermatics and cosmetics
A natural principle with numerous features
Mother Nature as modelPhosphatidylcholine is widely found in the cell membranes of plants and...
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